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Développement durable & écologie
QVT & bien-être au travail

Stategy & Waste Management firm for sustainable organizations and territories.

Master's Artificial Line of Work founded in 2021, is a Cleantech startup firm dedicated towards environmental protection & nature conservancy. MAL has combined know-how and offered a set of services dedicated towards sustainable development. Resolutely focused on current and future challenges, we support you in the following areas: Management of Waste Using IOT Devices, Clean Energy for Smart Cities, Manufacturing of Sustainable Products and Ethical Sourcing of Materials.

Our management sector for environmental, social and societal transition in Kolkata provides support to companies wishing to amplify their sustainability strategy and the accountability of their activities.

This global vision was born out of a major desire to control the entire chain, from advice to implementation, including the promotion of your actions. Committed and benevolent, our team steers by your side policies relating to solidarity, ecology, biodiversity, technology, well-being at work in order to build winning, positive and inclusive strategies.

An Ethical Philosophy.

Specialists in change management, a wide range of sectoral expertise and collaborative methods constitute our fundamentals.

MAL is distinguished by total independence, it acts in the exclusive interest of its interlocutors with the aspiration of responding well to the specific challenges of each organization. Thanks to our demanding and agile know-how, we provide assistance in project management and management of innovative projects with our sponsors: territories, associations, startups, e-merchants, companies, entrepreneurs, shareholders, investors, endowment funds, foundations, public establishments, State services, NGOs and the non-profit sector.

Our teams work together in order to offer you solutions where all aspects - economic, societal, environmental - are considered in order to improve your individual and collective performance .

Stratégie environnementale & sociétale

A Holistic Approach.

Organized around 3 poles of complementary expertise, the MAL company defines itself as the toolbox at the service of eco-actors.

Accompagnement RSE & finance durable

Corporate Social Responsibility advice.

Social Responsibility of Companies and Organizations, ISO 26000 standard, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance), QVT(Query, View, Transformation) & QSE (Quality, Security, Environment) approach.

Carbon Strategy.

Advice on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Carbon footprint, regulatory GHG footprint, carbon offset, carbon neutrality, CO2 footprint, ISO 50001 standard, climate & energy transition expertise.

Transition énérgétique & zéro carbone
Numérique responsable & communication verte

MAL Manufacturing Company.

Eternity, the manufacturing & waste management company owned by MAL. At Eternity manufacturing company, it is our mission to provide quality dumpster services and to promote eco-friendly waste management. While there is no way that we can completely eliminate creating waste, we can mitigate the effects. Take a step forward for yourself and your community and give eco-friendly waste management a try.

A Responsible Approach .

We support current transitions: responsible consumption, digital transformation, green energies, adaptation to climate change, recovery of biodiversity, smart city, industry, soft mobility, eco-construction, sustainable food, local agriculture, organic products, circular economy, solidarity, public health, culture & education.

In terms of positive impact, the Group counts among its priorities to anticipate societal changes, translate ethical values into its practices and act as a good corporate citizen through regional roots.

Ancrage territorial

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