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Conseil en reporting ESG & Déclaration de performance extra-financière (DPEF)

Founded in 2021 by Master Subhajit Ghosh (CEO), Kaustab Roy & Sagnik Banerjee , the MAL group enjoys working with committed & eco-friendly individuals and companies in order to contribute to the collective work of the society.

Our objectives & the desire to unite and build a more harmonious world is still intact. Our Dream Team has grown and wakes up every morning with the desire to create sustainable and optimistic economic models.

2021 marks the beginning of a new era in which organizations will take another step forward, integrate sustainability effectively into their processes, think better at work and really give meaning to their activities.

Long-lasting Performance.

Anticipating your expectations, advising you, formulating profitable recommendations both strategically and technically, this is our mission. With the UN Agenda 2030 as a roadmap, with 17 Sustainable Development Goals. With the ambition of strengthening the resilience of organizations by combining ecological transition and socio-economic change.

• We are experts. Each partner and employee is a specialist in his field of activity.
• We are independent. We help the actors of the territories and the companies to transform themselves in all objectivity.
• We are proactive. The support of our associative, academic and institutional network is part of a collective ideal.
• We are responsive. Our team relies on the richness of interactions to make the most of the project constraints.
• We are benevolent. Our success is based on the quality of the relationship built with all stakeholders.

The leaders who trust us have understood that the preservation of the environment as well as social ethics constitute a major strategic issue. As an integrated group, we respond to the issues of a constantly changing economic world, promote proximity and guarantee an approach adapted to your pace of change management.

As of September 2021, Master's Artificial line of work started it's venture as a Cleantech Firm. R&D department of MAL is working on a new innovative product that has the potential to change the way how waste is managed in this modern world. Keeping the future smart cities in mind we are going to launch our product soon.

Agile Expertise.

MAL advises organizations and communities in their innovation initiatives, whether technological, societal or organizational: strategic studies, identification of needs, co-construction of action plans, positive impact solutions, stimulation of intelligence collaborative, well-intentioned management, mobilization of local actors, territorial anchoring, public-private partnerships, spin-off and cross-fertilization.

Audit & diagnostic : Analyze and understand each situation.
Advice & strategy : Share and imagine the range of possibilities.
Structuring & formalisation : Solve complex and cross-cutting issues.
Performance & objectives : Define a roadmap and set up key indicators.
Collective Intelligence & co-design : Foster the commitment of employees and stakeholders.
Evaluation & monitoring : Develop methodologies and tools that report on performance.
Communication & marketing : Promote eco-responsibility and help society evolve through creativity.
Tech & digital : Integrate new technologies and digital in the service of sustainability.

As a transition guide, the firm combines demanding know-how and facilitation methods in order to involve as many people as possible in the consultation, reflection and decision-making processes, right through to action.

Ethical Vision.

Beyond ecological concepts, Master's founding values ​​are based on respect for social, societal and contractual practices that favor excellence in responsible economic development , both internally and externally. A true management tool, this line of conduct feeds into the action plans of the Group and its subsidiaries.

• Reduce its ecological footprint and offset its CO2 emissions .
• Reduce its environmental impact and develop green business.
• Promote renewable energies and soft mobility.
• Favor new ways of working, collaborative tools and videoconferencing.
• Embrace innovations and concepts in accordance with our convictions.
• Combine economic performance and business ethics (ESG criteria).
• Reconcile the expectations and constraints of each in order to create value for all.
• Involve stakeholders: employees, shareholders, customers, civil society, associations and public authorities.

The experts and analysts of our business ethics consulting firm mobilize their luggage inte Economic intelligence and their skills in sustainable finance, responsible investment and extra-financial rating in order to improve your overall performance. RSE, TCFD, ISR, ESG, DPEF, SFDR, CSRD… these acronyms are the main indicators that allow practicing leadership by example contributing to a more desirable future.

According to the barometer BrandZ 2019, the brands that cultivate their social utility, get involved in favor of the climate and honor their raison d'être have generated twice as much growth as the others. Are you ready to be a game changer?

1. Transform your societal and environmental issues into performance levers with MAL Conseil .

2. Take a step ahead by adopting best practices in terms of climate strategy with MAL Carbone .

3. Test our creative and digital solutions for your eco-innovation initiatives with MAL Eternity .

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