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Since its definition in the Brundtland Report in 1987, sustainable development has aimed to combine preservation of the environment and social progress to improve the future of our children and future generations. The implementation of a Corporate Social Responsibility (RSO) strategy makes it possible to respond well to the new challenges of the 21st century. Focus on this concept which applies to associations, local authorities, as well as companies, we then speak of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

In India, Make in India promulgated on September, 2014 marks a significant step forward. It aims to remove the obstacles encountered by companies at each stage (creation, development, innovation, financing, competitiveness, transmission), better share value with employees and take into account societal issues through their raison d'être.

Prove your ability to provide products and services that meet new expectations as well as applicable regulatory requirements : audit, diagnosis, documentary review, surveillance audit, strategic support, advice, conformity assessment and assistance with certification.

Become a company with a mission by implementing virtuous systems of governance and organization: ISO 26000 social responsibility benchmark, ISO 14001 environmental management system, ISO 9001 quality management system, management system energy - ISO 50001 standard, ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management system (OSH standard ex OHSAS 18001), international benchmarks for the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) such as GRI ( Global Reporting Initiative) & Global Compact (United Nations Global Compact).

Analyse ESG & SFDR

Cultivate Your Societal Usefulness.

With its triple economic, societal and environmental stake, Sustainable Development is now one of the major concerns of citizens, businesses, associations, communities and administrations.

To contribute to this, many organizations are moving towards an RSO approach. They undertake to limit their impact on the environment, improve the quality of life at work or act in favor of the ecological transition & solidarity in respect of public policy : anti-waste legislation, map biodiversity, low-carbon labeling, new forms of mobility, eco-construction, air quality, sustainable water management, participatory democracy, citizens' initiatives, equality, diversity and inclusion.

In a rapidly changing world, new economic models are generating profound changes in culture and processes. We provide methodologies to institutional and associative actors as well as coaching to companies, investors and managers in periods of change or to tackle new challenges.

MAL supports financial services players in rating PRI (United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment), drafting the SRI transparency code and integrating sustainability into asset management.

New era, new perspectives! We assist organizations in a context of strong change in professional environments, particularly in terms of Employee Engagement, Job and Skills Planning (GPEC) and Human Resources Information System (HRIS). Give employees the feeling of taking action and being involved in their professional life. Put meaning and flexibility at the heart of the organization to develop the autonomy and recognition of employees, you will undoubtedly gain.

MAL relies on the expertise of consultants with a high level of experience and focuses on the most important issues: governance, finance, marketing, organization, operations, technology, digital, innovation.

By raising awareness among teams in a collaborative and creative way, our CSR experts and carbon, climate & energy consultants are developing the vision as well as the strategy of organizations wishing to make the world a better place by reconciling extra-financial performance and value creation..

ISO 26000: an international reference framework.

Since 2010, the implementation of RSO is embodied by ISO 26000. This standard is the international standard of social responsibility which aims to fuel the strategic thinking of organizations. It integrates in particular texts issued by the United Nations Program for the Environment (UNEP), the organization of Cooperation and Development Economic (OECD) and the organization Labor International (ILO).

ISO 26000 is a standard recommendations that do not give no certification, it is complementary to management standards such as ISO 14001 (Environment), ISO 50001 (Energy), ISO 9001 (Quality) or ISO 45001 (Human Resources) .

MAL provides expertise in ISO certification to all types organizations. Our design office simplifies processes by creating management systems in the respect your schedule and of your budget: questionnaire, audit, diagnosis, strategy, road map, plan action, training, reporting, communication internal marketing grid self-assessment, coordination and assistance ISO 26000 labeling (Afnor, Ecocert, etc.).

The 7 pillars of the ISO 26000 standard.

The structures engaged in an RSO approach undertake to adopt an ethical behavior. To encourage them, the ISO 26000 standard establishes an operational framework around seven fundamental themes.

Governance of the organization

Human Rights

Working conditions

Respect for the environment

Loyalty in business

The transparency towards consumers

Contribution to local development

Consultant BCorp & ISO 26000
Certification ISO 9001
Biodiversité & abeille

Give Meaning to Your activities.

On the strength of its principles of responsible governance, RSO allows us to tackle societal issues by affirming a clear mission and precise commitments.

  • Fair treatment of employees
  • Eco-responsible products and services
  • Ethical business practices (code of conduct, CSR charter)
  • Green finance and low carbon investments
  • Respect for internal and external stakeholders
  • Creation of sustainable jobs and support for the local economy
  • Diverse and inclusive corporate culture
  • Concrete and verifiable actions
MAL has been training and supporting committed local authorities, companies with a social purpose, foundations recognized as being of public utility, academic institutions, charities and philanthropic companies, in the definition, deployment and promotion of their actions of general interest. Being a citizen organization is an ideal and not an end state. Continuous improvement is the key to success and the real impact happens when you inspire others to take action.

Why transform your organization?

A well-thought-out and well-conducted CSR approach allows you to stay one step ahead . To do this, equip yourself with a structuring and precise reason for being that defines the way in which your organization is committed to serving the collective interest and the common good.

With such an approach, you gain from interesting benefits such as public confidence, healthy social relations, better risk management, increased attractiveness in the eyes of potential investors, greater involvement of your employees, customer satisfaction, productivity gains, an increase in your market share as well as a strong capacity for anticipation and innovation.

Finally, you position yourself on the indicators that take into account the reduction of inequalities and the fight against climate change.

  • ISS (Social Health Index) is a non-monetary wealth measurement tool that studies data other than that of GDP such as quality of life and social well-being in order to reflect the development of a territory.
  • HDI (Human Development Indicator) is a methodology of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) focused on health, education and standard of living at the regional level.
  • The Ecological & Social Donut is a diagram that presents 11 societal objectives and 9 planetary limits to promote equitable and sustainable economic development, without crossing critical ecological thresholds.

How to spread good RSO practices?

Today, brands have an opportunity to (re) gain the trust of their customers by being part of a dynamic of societal and environmental progress which underlines the way in which the company intends to contribute positively to society. It's time to walk the talk, embody change, establish lasting relationships, overhaul existing models and finally give extra-financial scoring a real boost.

The first step is to carry out a CSR audit and diagnosis. Then, we develop participatory methods and collaborative workshops to mobilize all your teams. At the same time, we support managers and management committees in the deployment of ambitious policies: quality of life at work (QVT), zero carbon objective, eco-design, biodiversity footprint, environmental performance, climate plan, CSR label, ethical charter . Measuring and monitoring your actions allows you to optimize your RSO strategy over the long term.

For each assignment, a dedicated consultant will aim to initiate, manage and develop the culture and practices relating to sustainable development within your organization. We assist your RSO manager who has mastery of the tools, an excellent understanding of the issues, as well as the reporting skills and the pedagogy essential to the management of transitions.

Finally, we allow employees to take ownership of projects and become aware of the key role they can play in changes. That's why we empower people to drive change and thrive at work while delivering benefits that benefit both individuals and the organization.

Develop Your Adaptability.

We support you in your change management and sustainable innovation approach, from strategy to operational management: social (employer brand), environment (reduction of the ecological footprint), relations with third parties (ethical relations with the parties stakeholders), governance (transparency of organization and control systems), societal (strategy of organizations and territories).

Development of business model and business plan, strategic support for organizations, business ethics, definition of sustainable development strategies and societal innovation.

Green & ethical finance, ESG criteria (Environment, Social, Governance), crowdfunding, socially responsible investment (SRI), DPEF training (Declaration of Extra-Financial Performance).

Operational management, dashboard, implementation of indicators, definition of objectives, regulatory watch, risk management, audit & quality management ISO 9001.

Inventory, studies, implementation, deployment and management of CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) RSE strategy (Social Responsibility of Companies), (Responsabilité Sociétale des Entreprises), GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) reporting, RSO expertise & ISO 26000 standard.

Environmental management (SME), EMAS (Eco Management & Audit Scheme), life cycle analysis (LCA), ISO 14001, environmental and biodiversity consulting, QHE / QHSE, environmental labeling, ecological footprint, responsible purchasing policy, optimization of the product & service portfolio.

Technological transition, digital transformation, circular economy, fair trade, charitable actions, educational project, regional cultural project, green sponsorship, responsible sponsorship, NGO partnership, association sponsorship, adapted business, inclusive organization, social & solidarity economy (ESS).

Low-carbon strategy advice, Carbon Footprint, reduction of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, CO2 compensation, carbon finance, carbon credits, carbon taxation, carbon tax, energy climate contribution (CCE), energy audit, ISO certification support 50001, energy efficiency management.

sustainable development training sessions, organizational transformation , change management modules, personalized coaching, OHS approach, RPS audit, QVT workshop, ISO 45001 implementation diagnosis, advice on managerial innovation, HR & well-being at work.

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